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Offering Virtual Dedicated Servers


Since 2001, we have been providing data centre hosting services to a national portfolio of clients


We can provide you with our SLA, we are honest and trustworthy company.


We is proud to offer clients a selection of rack colocation options in a secure UK based facility.


VPS are a cloud solution for businesses that do not require their own dedicated hardware.

Welcome to Colocation Servers

Colocation facilities provide secure locations with reliable power supplies for housing internet servers.

We offer two different Colocated Servers

Virtual Servers

Ideal for home users, small businesses and new start-ups we supply Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) based on Xen tm virtualization technology.

Our VDS system gives you the flexibility of your own server, housed in our datacentre; you stay in complete control of all of the software but without the hassle and cost of purchasing and maintaining your own hardware.

The virtual server can be upgraded as your needs expand, and migrated onto dedicated hardware when you're ready for the next step. Easy, effective and flexible.

Dedicated Servers

For businesses with larger needs or those that have grown out of their virtual dedicated servers, we supply custom dedicated servers with flexible bandwidth and backup options. Modern dual-core CPUs and SATA or SCSI drives ensure our dedicated servers far out-strip the typical models offered by other providers.

The management package can be tailored to fit, so as with the virtual servers you can have complete control over your server, or we can manage the server for you; taking care of backups and security upgrades and keeping your server in optimum working order, providing total peace of mind.

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